Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills: Why E!’s New Show Will Fail

The mecca of reality shows, E!, is bringing us a new show to roll our eyes at this January. The show, uncreatively titled “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”, is about a gang of….you guessed it, rich kids in Beverly Hills. The young adults were all born into a life of luxury, shopping sprees, credit cards with no limits, and fast cars.

The trailer of the show depicts Dorothy Wang’s current life decision, which is finding an apartment with the perfect lighting for selfies. The trailer begins with Wang educating us on the hierarchy and class difference between Dom champagne and Cristal because you can’t make it through the real world without knowing this gem of information, which brings me to my theory that this show will not make it to a season two.

Besides the fact that nobody wants to see a group of rich kids spending money that isn’t their own, this trailer shows no signs of real issues the kids will face. We all love to hate on the Kardashians, but the secret to their success is that their family is rich, but they’re also a hot mess. We have the sister who brought shame to her family with a sex tape, the mom who is so ridiculous with her runny mouth and wine drinking at 2 P.M., the sister that is in the midst of a marriage that is infested with infidelity and drug abuse, and the stepdad who is just going crazy by it all.

What the Kardashians bring to the world of reality television are problems that every family across every social class can face. These kids have, to simply put it, rich people problems, like deciding what they want to do for a steady income while simultaneously living beyond 99% of the country’s comfort level. After about a few episodes, the audience will get tired of seeing the rich kids go to lunch on a yacht while their biggest problem is the fear of being cut off from their family’s fortune. Newsflash: the normal young adult gets cut off after college. We cannot even slightly relate.

Even Jeff Old, the Vice President of Programming and Directing for E!, said that the show may face a bit of a challenge with its audience.

“Their peers are the 1% so that might be a little bit challenging. What we found is that people want to escape. They want to have a great time, they want to live vicariously and dive into a world they might not normally have access to.”

But that’s not the case with reality television. The audience wants an escape by living vicariously through other people’s drama and problems, not through people’s shopping sprees.

 “Laguna Beach”, the veteran reality show birthed by MTV, was about a group of wealthy kids in California, but that was not the focus point. Actually, it was far from it. Lauren was struggling to get through college while her friends were caught in a spider web of relationship and friendship drama. Every young adult has been in Lauren’s shoes even though her lifestyle itself is something that we didn’t relate to. There was still something so familiar about the kids of Laguna Beach.

Let’s take a gander at the bios that E! offered about the cast, shall we.

Dorothy Wang
Age: 25
Family Net Worth: Billions
Occupation: “Funemployed!” for now…
Relationship Status: Perpetually single.
About: Opinionated perfectionist, Dorothy is the daughter of a billionaire business mogul who earned her rightful place in social media royalty by showcasing her luxurious life on Instagram. While her parents are traveling around the world running their empire, Dorothy is living large in Beverly Hills and looking into pursuing a career in real estate.

Morgan Stewart
Age: 25
Family Net Worth: Millions
Occupation: Blogger of where she documents her plush lifestyle and offers up her personal do’s and don’ts of life to her peers.
Relationship Status: In a relationship… with Brendan Fitzpatrick.
About: The “Dionne” to Dorothy’s “Cher,” Morgan is the sexy wild child of Beverly Hills infamous for her flirty ways, unfiltered humor and unpredictable nights out with her friends. Luckily BFFs Dorothy and Roxy are always there to be a shoulder to cry on, and on occasion, help reapply mascara after a crazy night. The blonde beauty is trying to find what drives her and what she wants to do with her life, but shiny things – like diamonds, cars and a her boy’s smile – can be very distracting.

And there you have it. Does this sound like a bio of a show that you would want to watch for more than 3 episodes in? We will just start writing the epitaph for this show now.


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